4D is the privacy-first contextual targeting and insights platform that enables the delivery of display, video, and in-app campaigns in environments consumer's trust.

The Benefits

Contextual targeting evolved: By combining text, image, and video analysis, 4D delivers in-depth categorisation centred on a brands goals and objectives.

Brand Safe. Brand Suitable: 4D ensures the protection of a brand within the environments it is placed in, across video and display.

Privacy-safe advertising: 4D has no IDs, cookie-based or otherwise, ensuring privacy and a consumer-centric experience.

Optimisation & Insights: 4D analyses the context of where impressions have been seen and engaged with, to optimise the campaign in real-time, all the while providing actionable contextual insights.

Customer-Centric Experiences: 4D maximises consumer attention with efficiency, whilst ensuring their interest is retained for longer.

4D Features & Channels

By analysing the specific contextual environment where an ad was successfully placed and engaged, 4D can surface recommendations on context optimisations to drive better performance and scale.

The platform is designed to help traders, plan for campaigns, and create transparent contexts across display, and video to increase ROI.

Advertisers can go beyond traditional targeting by identifying new contexts and keywords to target, and expanding beyond endemic keyword targeting, without sacrificing performance and scale. 4D allows advertisers to gain understanding and intel about their campaigns without actually running a tag with us, making it super easy and efficient to activate.

Through an exclusive partnership with a leading mobile ad-exchange, 4D technology enables contextual targeting across premium curated apps to drive engagements and privacy-first advertising.

With 4D Video, brands can leverage advanced computer vision-driven signals to understand the holistic context of the video across Open Web, YouTube and CTV. This provides the truest contextual insights to target video advertisements.

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4D Insights

Stand-alone contextual insights platform, no targeting required.

4D Self Serve

Full access to the platform, account management launch support, targeting across any DSP and automatic DSP billing.

4D Managed Service

Guaranteed results, fully managed services, KPI structure, comprehensive insights, optimisation throughout, IO-based.


Bespoke, highly curated PMPs created by 4D, and delivered to the client directly for activation within their DSP.

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